Sales Collateral Development

When it comes to sales collateral, it should work hard by itself, not merely be a back-up. It should - theoretically - be comprehensive enough to sell on its own. Decisions to buy are often made when the buyer has a quiet moment to reflect, or when a team of buyers debate the purchase around a table. Your sales team is not present at either of those moments.

To get the most out of your sales collateral, it should include:

  • Clear presentations with clear notes attached - clear enough that buyers can make sense of them even when you're not there
  • Clear statement of features and benefits. If you work in an industry where buyers use a standard checklist, incorporate this into your collateral, showing the advantages of your product whilst being honest about what it can't do
  • For technical products, clear and comprehensive technical specifications
  • A defined, usable ordering process. Imagine your buyer is extremely shy, and prefers to order everything online or over the phone. Remove all obstacles to him or her using your system to order.

Our sales collateral tools and templates below accomplish these objectives.


Microsoft Word Based  Sales Collateral


Use Microsoft WORD based tools and templates to create wonderful

sales collateral, brochures, newsletters, postcards, and flyers. See sample below.

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Newsletter - 1

Tri-Fold Brochure


Newsletter - 2


Email Newsletter


Sales Sheet





Software Tools  

These tools are not based on Microsoft WORD. They are easy-to-use desktop based software.


Page Plus (Available in Members Area Only - No Preview)  
Make fancy documents: Ads, Brochures, Cards, Newsletters, etc. Wizards for many tasks, eg Brochure, TOC, mail merge. Full support for professional printing. Advanced but easy-to-use formatting features. Many awards.


Portable Scribus (Available in Members Area Only - No Preview)  
Portable Scribus is... a portable version of an open source page maker called Scribus, which is much like Adobe Pagemaker, which can help create professional looking documents, newsletters, magazines, etc. With Portable Scribus, you can put it on your USB drive, and plug it in to any computer, and leave not a trace behind when you're done.  


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