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Guidelines and Plan For a Successful Trade Show


As a way to meet many potential customers face-to-face in a short period of  time, and do so cost effectively, trade shows can't be beat, which accounts for their enormous popularity with companies of all sizes.



Trade shows help level the playing field for smaller firms, since booth space is generally not that expensive ($13-$20 per square foot, on average, with the typical small booth covering 100 square feet - 10 x 10 feet), and even small companies can usually afford attractive displays. With creative marketing and booth design, small businesses can actually appear as substantial as much larger corporations.


This factor helps explain their popularity with small companies.  The Trade Show Bureau reports that of the firms exhibiting at business-to-business shows, 44 percent have fewer than 50 employees. Sophisticated exhibitors - no matter what their size - do well at trade shows; the naive and inexperienced can waste thousands of dollars and countless hours, and do even more harm than good.  Learning to use trade shows effectively takes only a little  effort and planning.

Trade Show Benefits

Because trade shows generally take place at a single location, have short runs (usually one to three days), and bring together thousands of exhibitors and potential customers, they are a very cost-effective marketing medium.  The Trade Show Bureau claims that the average total cost of closing a sale in the field is $1,080, while the cost of closing a sale to a qualified trade show prospect is $419.


Because business-to-business shows typically do not allow selling on the show floor, generating sales leads is the most common reason exhibitors participate.  At shows  which allow selling, such as consumer shows, generating sales is what exhibitors want. 


Know Why You Are There

To get the most out of a trade show, first determine what you want it to accomplish. 

Common reasons for exhibiting include:

* Generating sales leads.

* Generating actual sales at the show.

* Enhancing your image and visibility.

* Reaching a specific audience.

* Establishing a presence in the marketplace.

* Improving the effectiveness and efficiency of your marketing efforts.

* Personally meeting your customers, competitors and suppliers.

* Prospecting for new customers.

* Introducing new products and services.

* Demonstrating your product in ways not possible using other marketing channels.

* Recruiting distributors or dealers.


Success Templates


Below are trade show templates that will put you on a path to sales success. All you have to do is customize them for your own situation.


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Trade Show Templates

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How To Promote Your Trade Show Booth

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Guide To Beat The Trade Show Deadlines

Rushing at the last minute is the sin of many trade show exhibitors. This guide will help to make sure you are not one of them

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